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Supervisors: All Are Welcome in Milwaukee County

"I commend my colleagues on the County Board for standing on the right side of history today..."

By - Feb 2nd, 2017 01:34 pm

MILWAUKEE – County Supervisors affirmed their opposition to all forms of discrimination today by adopting 12 to 7 a resolution that states a commitment to value all people equally.

Supervisor Dimitrijevic offered the resolution as a response to President Trump‘s divisive executive order to ban US visas for people from certain Muslim-majority countries, his indefinite hold on the US refugee program, and promises of further action.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has said he will enforce Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, going so far as to say he will deputize his officers as ICE agents, while Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has said it is not the responsibility of local police to carry out federal policy.

Supervisor Dimitrijevic offered the following statement:

“We should be finding ways to strengthen relationships between the community and local law enforcement, not create fear and division, as our sheriff has promised.

“The people of Milwaukee County have told us loud and clear that they do not want to be divided and they are opposed to attacks on immigrants, Muslims, Jews, women and other targeted groups. Today, supervisors said we hear you, and Milwaukee County stands with you against discrimination, hate, and bigotry.”

“I commend my colleagues on the County Board for standing on the right side of history today, for showing courage today in the face of threats, and for boldly reaffirming our values.

“This resolution recognizes that we are a diverse community and reaffirms our commitment to respect all people equally.”

“When the values that form our country’s foundation are under attack, it’s our duty to defend the Constitution in order that all people are valued and respected equally.”

Supervisors received hundreds of calls and emails about the resolution in the past week, most of them in support of the resolution.

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3 thoughts on “Supervisors: All Are Welcome in Milwaukee County”

  1. Beer Baron says:

    I’d support making us as sanctuary county. Let’s do something with some teeth and put that in place!

  2. RAFE says:

    More feel-good blathering from another failed politician.
    This song and dance about hatred of everybody is falling on deaf ears if you haven’t noticed yet.
    A common-sense approach to vetting people entering our country is long overdue.

    If you don’t possess the proper paperwork and documentation, you get detained for a short period of time. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?

  3. Vincent Hanna says:

    “A common-sense approach to vetting people entering our country is long overdue.”

    When is that going to happen? We already have an extensive vetting process. 8,000 doctors are from the countries in the ban. Doctors from those seven countries are far more likely to work in rural areas than doctors from the states. The ban could severely reduce the number of doctors in rural areas. Does that sound like common sense to you?

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