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Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr. Says Park East Sale “Not a Good Deal”

Says County Executive should have gotten more than $1 for land

By - Sep 9th, 2015 12:20 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., today said the sale of the Park East to the Milwaukee Bucks for $1 was “not a good deal given the needs the County has in paying off its debts.”

“The deal is done, but the point is not moot,” Mayo said. “We still have $3.5 million in debt service for bonding for the annex parking lot. We still have a lot of infrastructure that needs repair, especially in our parks. Is this really the best deal the County Executive could have negotiated? Where did he get his negotiating skills? He should have been thinking about the County’s needs, not the Bucks’ needs.”

However, Mayo said he was happy that the Bucks would be staying in Milwaukee, and he added that he hoped the land sale would lead to permanent, family-supporting jobs.

“There have been a lot of promises made with regards to what this land sale will mean for downtown Milwaukee and the residents of Milwaukee County,” Mayo said. “I hope those promises come to fruition, but I am a bit skeptical.

“I’m looking for the best deal for taxpayers, and I’m not sure selling this valuable piece of land for $1 is in their best interests.”

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