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Supervisor David Bowen Counters Supervisor Deanna Alexander’s Attention-Getting Claims

Says Alexander “Does Not Value the Truth,” Misleads Public About Board Activities

By - Jun 27th, 2013 12:30 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor David F. Bowen issued the following statement regarding Supervisor Deanna Alexander’s charges of illegal meetings by the County Board:

“Supervisor Deanna Alexander is starved for attention. She craves to be in front of news cameras with claims that the County Board is engaging in illegal activities, most recently surrounding the firing of Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker. While these theatrical tactics are truly entertaining, the bottom line is she is not telling the truth.

“It’s not just this time, but numerous times in the past that she has been misleading. It only proves Alexander does not value truth. As someone who holds truth in the highest regard, I can safely say that this Board never violated any open meetings laws, as Alexander claims. There never was a ‘secret meeting’ among supervisors.

“I find it ironic that Alexander wants to stop members of the Board from seeking a neutral Corporation Counsel that will represent not just the County Executive but the County Board as well. Now she has filed a complaint along with a right wing law group claiming that the Board acted illegally in firing Walker. Is her real motivation in working with County Executive Chris Abele to turn County administration to a dictatorship? Why does she want to earn his favor by supporting Act 14, which strips the Board of significant power and was enacted without a public hearing in Milwaukee County?

“The truth is a value that everyone should regard highly, especially elected leaders of a community. I urge Alexander to start upholding it.”

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