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Statement on Republican John Doe bill in the Senate

“Republicans are making it harder to investigate bribery of a public officer or employee.”

By - Oct 20th, 2015 05:17 pm

“Republicans will pass this bill that says loud and clear that crimes, common political crimes, crimes politicians or public servants commit, cannot be investigated through a John Doe proceeding. John Doe proceedings have resulted in the charging and conviction of several politicians, both Republicans and Democrats – but yet not one Democrat in the room will stand with Republicans and say this is a good idea.”

“Republicans are making it harder to investigate bribery of a public officer or employee. Republicans are making it harder to prosecute misconduct in office when politicians abuse their power. Republicans are making violations of campaign finance laws, which only politicians and their donors can commit, exempt from John Doe investigations. Republicans are using their majority to create safe harbor for themselves and politicians in the future. That is truly an injustice.”

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Jon Erpenbach

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Walker’s Wisconsin has trailed the national average in 12 month job creation for the 20th consecutive quarter.

Jon Erpenbach

Action Needed Now for King Residents

Erpenbach: Fund $18 million projects from 2015 Capital Budget and Enact Legislative Oversight Now

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Illegal Coordination Highlighted in Guardian story

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Veteran’s Nursing Homes Should Not Be Shortchanged

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Jon Erpenbach

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