State Sen. Janis Ringhand
Press Release

Statement on Civil Service Changes

“Opening the door to political patronage will not help us recruit the best employees or improve service to the people of Wisconsin.”

By - Jan 20th, 2016 08:50 pm

“It is very disappointing that less than 24 hours after Governor Walker tried to steer a more moderate path, Wisconsin is going to significantly change civil service protections for public employees.

In 2011, the Governor acknowledged that “there is no state that has a better civil service system in terms of protections.”

During the contentious debate to end collective bargaining for public employees, Governor Walker went before the people of Wisconsin in a fireside chat and proclaimed that “many of the rights we are talking about don’t come directly from collective bargaining. They come from the civil service system here in Wisconsin. That law was passed in 1905, long before collective bargaining, and will continue long after our plan is approved.”

The civil service changes are unnecessary. Opening the door to political patronage will not help us recruit the best employees or improve service to the people of Wisconsin. It only helps to solidify the political power of whatever party holds the Governorship at any given time.”

Press Releases by State Sen. Janis Ringhand

State Sen. Janis Ringhand

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State Sen. Janis Ringhand

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State Sen. Janis Ringhand

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