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State of Governor Walker’s Wisconsin: Low Wages and Stagnant Job Creation

“Tonight we heard Governor Walker’s plan for Divide and Conquer 2.0”

By - Jan 19th, 2016 08:15 pm

MADISON – In response to Governor Walker’s State of the State address, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement:

“During this entire legislative session, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have shown that their priorities are protecting their own political careers, not the people of this state. Time and time again we’ve seen this Governor and this Legislature put themselves, their campaigns and their own jobs, first.

“Since coming into power and following Governor Walker’s lead, legislative Republicans have cut more than $2 billion from our public schools, universities and technical schools. They expect our public schools to Book Fair and Bake Sale their way out of the black hole they have created for our state, and our children. Tonight we heard Governor Walker’s plan for Divide and Conquer 2.0 – taking health care options away from state employees to throw pennies at our public schools, instead of making the education investment our children need.

“The vision outlined by Governor Walker tonight exemplifies a series of bad choices that continue to catapult Wisconsin’s families to lower wages, more student debt and fewer quality health care providers.”

“It is not too late for Wisconsin.  We are just one decision away from starting to turn this ship around.  Accepting the federal Medicaid dollars provided a pathway to put more money into the classroom while reducing if not eliminating the funding cut to our higher education institutions.  Despite my colleagues taking their marching orders from the special interests bankrolling their campaign coffers, we as legislators must continue to fight for the Wisconsin we all believe in, and protect the people’s backs, not our own.”

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State Rep. Chris Taylor

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Today, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 196, the Drone Privacy Protection Act, into law.

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DOJ must stop prosecuting unconstitutional tickets

“Considering yesterday’s ruling, the DOJ must immediately dismiss all of the approximately 400 remaining frivolous citations.

State Rep. Chris Taylor

Rep. Chris Taylor statement on AJR-81, latest ALEC scheme to hit Wisconsin

Yesterday, Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 81 passed out of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections on a party-line vote.

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