Jennifer Shilling
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Sen. Shilling statement on budget signing

“Families in Wisconsin deserve better than a part-time governor...”

By - Jul 12th, 2015 04:40 pm

MADISON – Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) released the following statement after Gov.

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Lincoln Hills cover-up continues as GOP ignores crisis

Months after DOJ and FBI raid troubled facility, Republicans defend status quo

Jennifer Shilling

Gov. Walker signs bills limiting birth control access

38 Democratic legislators including Sen. Shilling had urged Gov.Walker to veto these bills.

Jennifer Shilling

‘Height of Hypocrisy’ as GOP blocks Winnebago Co. Executive from holding office

Majority party continues to ignore student loan debt crisis, mass layoffs & child safety

Jennifer Shilling

Another session of Republican inaction on student loan debt

Republicans still won’t take up plan to reduce monthly student debt payments

Jennifer Shilling

Shilling questions GOP obstruction on child abuse scandal

Dem leader troubled by withholding of public records

Jennifer Shilling

Shilling statement on Sec. Wall resignation

“I am appalled by the latest revelations of child abuse and sexual assault that occurred in Gov. Walker’s Department of Corrections.”

Jennifer Shilling

GOP ignores middle class, prioritizes political attacks

Republican leaders rush bill banning Democratic candidate from serving

Jennifer Shilling

Senate Republicans attack voter rights again

GOP eliminates Special Registration Deputies and blocks registration drives

Jennifer Shilling

Senate Republicans getting desperate

GOP leader wants to ban Democratic candidate from serving

Jennifer Shilling

Republican school cuts buck national trend

Student loan debt crisis worsens as budget cuts impact higher education

Jennifer Shilling

Democrats push Family Medical Leave Act protections

Despite public support, bill’s future uncertain in GOP-controlled Senate

Jennifer Shilling

Budget takes $100 million hit as GOP policies drive down family wages

“The declining revenue numbers are yet another sign of Wisconsin’s underperforming economy and declining family wages under Republican control”

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