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Rep. Taylor Urges JFC to Approve Funds for Voter ID Information Campaign

“I’m deeply disappointed that Governor Walker felt the need to blame the victims of one of the most extreme Voter ID laws in the country...”

By - Apr 27th, 2016 10:12 am

MADISON – Yesterday, the Government Accountability Board (GAB) voted to request funds from the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) to implement a comprehensive voter ID public information campaign. Under the 2011 Voter ID law, the state was required to fund a public information campaign but has failed to provide funds to execute this campaign. The GAB has already spent time and money developing the campaign, but needs the funds to run it. Governor Walker’s response to the request was to chastise opponents of the legislation who resorted to legal action in order to protect the fundamental right to vote. In response to the vote to request funds from the JFC, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) issued the following statement:

“I’m deeply disappointed that Governor Walker felt the need to blame the victims of one of the most extreme Voter ID laws in the country, who had to use litigation to ensure one of their most basic rights was protected. It’s especially rich coming from an administration that has engaged in frivolous suit after frivolous suit through its new Solicitor ALEC office, without any accountability to the taxpayers about how much these cases are costing.

“While I’m pleased the GAB stepped up and voted to ask for the needed funds, the JFC now needs to fulfill its legal obligation to approve their request to make sure a Voter ID public information campaign hits the airwaves before the August primary and November general elections. This is not an optional campaign, but one required by the Voter ID law these same Republican legislators voted for. In fact, a recent Marquette poll indicated that 16% of Wisconsinites – or over 900,000 people – either didn’t think they were required to show a photo ID to vote or didn’t know whether or not the law was in effect. A public education campaign, though will not cure the ills of this voter suppression law, is both mandatory and much needed.”

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