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Rep. Barca Statement on Gov. Walker Ending His Presidential Campaign

“Gov. Walker has pushed far right wing policies through Wisconsin hoping that extreme element of his party would propel his presidential campaign to win the nomination.”

By - Sep 21st, 2015 05:49 pm

MADISON – Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) today issued the following statement following Gov. Walker’s announcement that he will suspend his presidential campaign:

“Gov. Walker has pushed far right wing policies through Wisconsin hoping that extreme element of his party would propel his presidential campaign to win the nomination.

“Unfortunately those policies Gov. Walker and the Republican legislature have rammed through our state to benefit their political fortunes have left our citizens with severely harmed public schools, crumbling infrastructure and a declining middle class.”

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Peter Barca

Walker Plan Fails to Provide Real Relief on Student Debt

“Wisconsin’s economy would clearly do better if we had a real policy solution to student loan debt and the governor’s plan isn’t it.”

Peter Barca

Recent Republican Campaign Finance Changes Open Door to Corruption

Reps. Barca and Berceau to Introduce Bill to Restore Transparency to Campaign Finance Laws

Peter Barca

State Economy Falters as Republicans Open Wisconsin for Corruption

Wisconsin still in the bottom third in private-sector job growth

Peter Barca

Republican Laws Mark End of Clean, Open and Transparent Government

“Once again, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans could not be trusted to do the right thing for our state.”

Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Joins Call for District Attorney to Investigate Potential Open Meeting Violation

Assembly Democrats will Pursue Legislative Fixes to Preserve Open Records Access

Peter Barca

Assembly Democrats Urge Gov. Walker to Veto Assembly Bill 387 and Assembly Bill 388

Bills Will Have a Devastating Impact on Wisconsin’s Tradition of Clean, Open and Transparent Government

Peter Barca

Rep. Barca: Republicans Take Extraordinary Steps to Open Wisconsin for Corruption

Instead of Working on People's Agenda, Republicans Push Through Corrupt Politicians’ Agenda

Peter Barca

Barca, Lassa Invite Bipartisan Support for WEDC Replacement

Speaker Vos Agrees State Needs New Model for Jobs Agency

Peter Barca

While Wisconsin Economy Flounders, Republicans Take “Extraordinary” Measures to Put More Money in Politics

Assembly Democrats Call on Republicans to Add Jobs Bills to Extraordinary Session

Peter Barca

Governor Walker, WEDC Must Do More to Help Wisconsin Companies

“I also am renewing my call for WEDC to discuss not only Oscar Mayer but the many other vital Wisconsin companies we need to keep in Wisconsin, at our board meeting next week.”

Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on JFC Transportation Bonding

“Instead of making tough choices and exemplifying true leadership, Republicans are once again kicking a bigger can down a longer road.”

Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Oscar Mayer Closing

"The closure of Oscar Meyer accentuates the urgent need for action on jobs."

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