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Chairwoman Dimitrijevic and Supervisor Broderick Develop New Funding Mechanism for Milwaukee County Parks

“Parks Amenities Matching Fund” supports Parks without tax levy on residents.

By - Oct 22nd, 2012 11:10 am

County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Supervisor Gerry Broderick, District 3, are pleased to introduce a budget amendment that calls for the creation of the “Parks Amenities Matching Fund,” which would pay for outstanding Parks deferred maintenance without burden on taxpayers.

The Parks Amenities Matching Fund would be seeded in part by revenues from two new beer gardens to be modeled after the Estabrook Park Beer Garden, which generated approximately $65,000 in revenue during just three months of summer 2012.

Milwaukee County Parks are winning in the 2013 budget,” said Chairwoman Dimitrjevic. “Coupled with the six percent levy increase for Parks as recommended by the County Executive in his budget, this new Fund makes the Parks a priority, just as the people of Milwaukee County have asked.”

The Parks Amenities Matching Fund is a public-private partnership, allowing donations from Parks friends groups and other interested parties to be matched by private donations.

“This expansion of the successful beer garden concept as championed by former Parks director Sue Black offers powerful potential in these days of scarce public resources,” noted Supervisor Broderick. “The Matching Fund provides a strong incentive for Parks supporters to recommit to their fundraising efforts and goals.”

The Parks Amenities Matching Fund stands to raise approximately $800,000 for the Parks, based on beer garden revenue projections, anticipated Milwaukee County land sales estimates and leveraged donations.

The budget amendment comes before the Milwaukee County Board Committee on Finance, Personnel and Audit for a vote on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

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