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Board Seeks to Deter Youth Placements from Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Schools

The County Board approved the resolution with a unanimous vote.

By - Dec 17th, 2015 03:03 pm

MILWAUKEE—The Lincoln Hills School For Boys and Copper Lake School (for girls), which house Milwaukee County youth placed in juvenile detention, are under investigation due to allegations of physical abuse of children, sexual assault, and victim and witness intimidation.  Reports of broken limbs, amputated toes, and a seemingly complacent and unaccountable system have caught the attention of Milwaukee County officials.

Today the Milwaukee County Board called upon the Governor of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee County Executive to work with the judiciary to avoid sending Milwaukee County youth to either detention center while the investigations are pending and safety issues remain unresolved.

“We need to be able to assure parents that their children will be safe when the government takes over their correction and well-being,” said Supervisor Deanna Alexander. “Continuing to place our youths in these detention centers while they are under investigation for crimes this serious would be a major violation of public trust.”

“I was glad to join Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde in co-sponsoring this resolution asking that judges refrain from sentencing youth to these centers pending investigation,” she continued.

The County Board approved the resolution with a unanimous vote.

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