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    3725 S. Howell Ave.
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PWCF-17-127362017/08/26New Service Request
Department of Public Works Activity:Bushes Encroaching Alley|Reference to Rec#2917117 Ms. Linda Jardee. She said the grass was cut but a large patch was left and the bushes are encroching the alley.
ENF-2017-254792017/08/23New Service Request
DNS Activity:Light Nuisance| Business has a lot of bright white lighting all around their building-overkill.Lights on West side that even though they are directed downwards-still shine very bright white into our window.Necessary? entered address: 3725 S HOWELL AV.
Tank Permit.
PWCF-17-097322017/07/26New Service Request
Department of Public Works Activity:Weeds/Tall Grass Complaint| Weeds and weeds that turn into trees growing mad all around the West side of the property. No one has taken care of this problem since renovation started on this business. Falling into alley already. entered address: 3725 S HOWELL AV.
ROW Excavation City Contract.
Tank Permit.
HVAC General Permit.
ENF-2017-156752017/06/06New Service Request
DNS Activity:Renovation without proper asbestos sampling.
Commercial Addition Permit.
ENF-2017-154752017/06/03New Service Request
DNS Activity:Noise Nuisance| Construction work being done before 7:00am entered address: 3725 S HOWELL AV.
Electrical Permit.
Commercial Footing and Foundation Permit.
Commercial Alteration Permit.
Building Plumbing Permit.
~~~~Paint previously painted surfaces
~~~~Properly surface-coat all ferrous metal surfaces
~~~~Every interior door, door hinge and door latch shall be maintained in a good state of repair. {B}Replace the rusted steel door and frame which separates the car wash from the car wash utility room. .. / MCO 275-33-6 /Interior Doors /

~~Supplied facility must function properly
~~An approved emergency procedures sign, in addition to the signs required by Section 2205.6, shall be posted in a conspicuous location and shall read: IN CASE OF FIRE, SPILL OR RELEASE 1. USE EMERGENCY PUMP SHUTOFF 2. REPORT THE ACCIDENT! FIRE DEPARTMENT TELEPHONE NO._______ FACILITY ADDRESS_____________________ {B}Phone number and address must be legible on each pump. .\.. / MCO 214-3 IFC 2204.3.5 /Emergency Procedures /
~~Service fire extinguisher(s)
7668872015/07/29New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; West side car wash door not been going down properly- creating loud noise on a regular basis. Tried calling them. Their phone doesn't work. Been going on for about 1 month now. Want 2 remain anonymous
~~Repair or replace defective lighting in the Women's restroom to provide adequate illumination. / MCO 275-41 /
Provide a performance test report for the rpp bfp