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Mohammad Shah

I would like to see Milwaukee build our downtown back to how strong it once was.

By - Jan 14th, 2013 12:27 pm
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Mohammad Shah

Mohammad Shah

How long have you lived in Milwaukee and why did you choose to live here?
I’ve lived in the greater Milwaukee area my whole life. I was born in St. Francis and raised in the suburbs. I choose to live in Milwaukee for a few reasons. First is that I know Milwaukee really well. I’m never lost and never bored. Second is that Milwaukee is always surprising me and teaching me something new. The people and places are amazing and there’s no telling what they’re capable of. The third is that I feel a certain obligation to serve the Milwaukee community. They’ve given so much to me and it’s only right that I give back!

What is one thing you’d like to see Milwaukee do better?
I would like to see Milwaukee build our downtown back to how strong it once was. The most important factors I see are education and job growth. I believe it’s ready and more than willing.

What is your favorite event in Milwaukee and why?
My favorite Milwaukee event is SummerFest, hands down. I’m a music and movie junky of all sorts so it’s almost literally Mohammad in a candy store for 2 weeks.

What about Milwaukee makes it a place you want to live and work?
The people and opportunities I’ve met in this city have blown me away. Milwaukee just makes me happy. And it hasn’t slowed down either. Seems like everyday I’m discovering something or someone new. I love it.

What do you do?
I always find it hard to explain what I do because I’m never doing one thing at any given time. I’m currently a business analyst with US Bank, producer for a feature film, musician manager/promoter, DJ and entrepreneur. A good friend of mine tells me I should just tell people that I “get sh*t done.”

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    "If we continue to leave a large portion of our city behind, we will never be able to realize Milwaukee’s full potential."

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    Carlton Reeves

    "When I look at the potential of Milwaukee, I would like to see the collective spirit of disruption and social responsibility take over Milwaukee..."

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    Maclovio Vega

    "I remember when downtown Milwaukee didn't exist. Buildings such as the Calatrava and University Tower are creating a unique skyline."

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    Chelsea Johnson

    "I absolutely love living in Milwaukee now!"

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    Nate Conroy

    "In other cities I feel far safer walking and biking, vis-a-vis cars, especially with my young son."

  • Bublr Bikes

    I'm Milwaukee's bike share program! I have a network of bicycles that can be rented for short quick trips. Essentially, I connect people to places in Milwaukee.

    I’m Milwaukee’s bike share program!