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Supervisor Bowen Looking for Full-time Support for DBE Program

Part-time solution not the answer to help minority-owned businesses thrive

By - Nov 8th, 2013 01:18 pm

Supervisor David Bowen is calling for change in how the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program is handled by the administration. Earlier this year the full-time director of the Community Business Development Partners office, which oversees the DBE, was fired and replaced with a part-time consultant. That consultant is being paid three times the hourly rate as the full-time director.

“The actions of the administration show they don’t believe in the DBE program,” Supervisor Bowen said. “They are not demonstrating a commitment to leveling the playing field for disadvantaged firms that do business with the County.”

Supervisor Bowen said he has three big concerns about how the program is being handled by the Administration:

  • The DBE should be handled by a full-time director instead of someone working 10 to 20 hours a week.
  • The Director of Administrative Services admitted he used incorrect contract documents with the consultants that don’t include oversight by the County Board.
  • It took six weeks to issue a correct contract, and in that time the part-time consultant made $125 an hour compared to the former full-time director who made $40 an hour

“The high cost of hiring part-timers and consultants is one very good reason why the administration should immediately focus on finding and hiring a permanent, full-time director for the Office of Community Business Partners,” Supervisor Bowen said.

“Of all the County’s departments it is extremely troubling that an office that provides accountability for the advancement of disadvantaged communities through Black, Latino and Women-owned businesses has been subject to such carelessness.

“The CBDP office needs a full-time watch dog and I will be watching closely as the administration’s handling of the CBDP office progresses.”

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