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County Board Heeds Sheriff’s Call for Help

Vote shows public safety and relief for deputies is a top priority

By - Jun 25th, 2015 01:33 pm

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors today voted to override an executive veto denying personnel funding to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Milwaukee County’s 2015 Adopted Budget included 262 deputy sheriff positions and at least 26 of those positions are vacant. Critical shortages cause overtime, leading to overburdened public safety officers spread thin.

“Preserving the safety and security of its citizens should be the number one priority of our government,” said Supervisor Deanna Alexander.

“We can debate spending levels all day and all night for food trucks and living wages, but we must focus on adequately staffing our Sheriff’s office and ensuring the deputies putting their own safety on the line for ours can make headway toward a reasonable balance between duty and relief,” she continued.

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors approved granting further funding to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (17-1, No: Moore-Omokunde). A class of 30 deputy-trainees is scheduled to begin in July and successful trainees will join deputy ranks in early 2016.

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