Building Info

  • Address:
    1947 N. Prospect Ave.
  • Taxkey:
  • Architect:
    N. H. Hintz
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $1,800,000 (2014)
  • Year Built:

The Prospect East Apartments are apartment buildings located at 1947 N. Prospect Ave, owned by 1947 PROSPECT LLC. It was owned by several different owners the past.  In  1925 it was owned by the Rosh Bee Corp, and in 1964 was owned by the Wellston Company.

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8146192016/09/22New Service Request
7654542015/07/16New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; My concern is pedestrian safety. If your code allows 3-inch holes to abut the sidewalk, it needs to be changed. No other property, Ogden to Lafayette, has deep plant beds abutting the sidewalk.
7653432015/07/14New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; As of July 12, wood chips have been added, partially filling the holes next to the sidewalk. Have picture showing bare earth in holes as they were without chips when reported.
7639452015/07/07New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; Why didn't you respond to service request 763691 re 1947 N Prospect? You had space to leave a response message in writing in the public record.
7640182015/07/07New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; Since you refuse to respond to my service request, Alderman Kovac has been asked to answer my questions.
7636912015/06/30New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; Please check hedge & shrub beds abutting sidewalk on Prospect & on Irving. Are beds recessed an inch or more below sidewalk level a pedestrian hazard at night? Fill with dirt above sidewalk level?
7376592014/10/22New Service Request
Graffiti; 10-5-14 12pm tagging on dumpster in alley. Have picture
Remove all graffiti
7230102014/06/17New Service Request
Graffiti; gang tagging on dumpster on Irving 6/15 2:30pm. Have picture.
7165902014/04/22New Service Request
Graffiti; Gang graffiti tagging on dumpster in alley seen Thursday afternoon when walking past this property on Irving