Building Info

  • Address:
    117 W. Pittsburgh Ave.
  • Taxkey:
  • Status:
  • Assessment:
    $467,000 (2015)
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    19,898 sq-ft

Formerly planned for conversion by Stamm Technologies to their new headquarters, the building is now for sale.



ENF-2017-052682017/02/23New Service Request
DNS Activity:Graffiti| Graffiti located on the North side of building entered address: 117 W PITTSBURGH AV.
~~Protect all wood surfaces with paint or other approved coating (surfaces must be properly prepared and coating applied in a workmanlike manner). {B} Windows boarded up to be painted to match existing building color or approved colors. No untreated boards allowed on building exterior. .. / 275-32-3-a /
~~Vacant structure not maintained in a locked or closed condition. Repair or restore doors and windows and other openings and maintain in same manner as if the structure were occupied, or board up all openings. {B} Board up windows on North & East facades of building. Broken window panes to be closed. .. / 275-32(7) /
Asbestos Project
~~Obtain proper permits for all alterationsEXTERIOR~~Temporary Occupancy of Public Ways. No person shall erect, place or store any material, equipment, shed, roof, fence or temporary walk, guard, device, or any other structure within the public way without first obtaining a permit from the commissioner of public works. Fees for such permits shall be as regulated in S. 115-11. {B} Obtain DPW Temporary Occupancy Right of Way Permit. .. / 115-10 /
Masonry Building Cleaning
~~Provide access to conduct 6 mth appointment insp
~~Remove and dispose of all debris, junk, etc.
      South Side
            Replace defective bricks or blocks exterior wall
            Replace mortar missing exterior wall (tuckpoint)
            Repair or replace defective exterior door
      East Side
            Replace defective downspout
            Properly discharge rainwater from gutter system
      Replace mortar missing exterior wall (tuckpoint)
      Remove broken window pane and replace
      Replace missing window panes and putty
      Restore windows to a weathertight condition
      Board requirements on boarded buildings. Boards shall be a minimum of 5/8 inch thick and be painted to match the trim or siding color of the structure, or be painted forest green. Paint all boards covering windows and doors and seal perimeter of boards to structure to a weather tight condition. / 275-32-7-a-5 /
7282282014/07/25New Service Request
Litigated order (#10133991), non-compliance, default, fined $1880. Please check this property for code violations and issue appropriate orders.