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That’s not what I saw

By - Jun 20th, 2009 08:45 am
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When I got home from my morning at Marquette yesterday, I mentioned that at lunch–the program I teach with offered us a working lunch as part of the teacher orientation day–the dining hall was full of Teach for America kids. I think my exact words were something like, “It looked like the yuppie cloning machine had been stuck on high.”

This line from the paper this morning surprised me, then:

A quick glance around the room reveals a racially diverse group.

Here’s Michael Sears’s photo accompanying the story; maybe you can see the “diverse” faces in the photo better than I can.(Click through to the paper’s story at some point for the bigger photo. Or, heck, go out to the newsstand and buy one. Newspapers are a dying medium, so it surely will be a collector’s item some day, worth at least as much as a Bryan Clutterbuck rookie card.)

Or maybe the “diverse” nature of the group stems from the fact that there are alumni from both Notre Dame and Wesleyan.

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