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Even Lt. Gov. Lawton beats the pants off of Walker, Neumann

By - Jun 11th, 2009 02:59 pm
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There is no serious indication that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is not running for re-election. There’s also not any serious indication that he is, for that matter; I think we have all just been assuming that he will.

Research 2000, for Daily Kos (so, salt grains perhaps necessary), not only polled the Doyle match-ups against his likeliest opponents (Scott Walker, Tosa Ranger and Mark (Nickname Needed) Neumann–not to mention fantasy candidate Tommy! Thompson); they also polled Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton:

Barbara Lawton (D) 44
Scott Walker (R) 35
Undecided 21

Barbara Lawton (D) 43
Mark Neumann (R) 35
Undecided 22

Barbara Lawton (D) 44
Tommy Thompson (R) 46
Undecided 10

I have to say, that’s not bad for someone that the rightie bloggers insist is the least popular woman in state politics!

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