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Conceal and Carry on Two Wheels

By - Jun 11th, 2009 06:04 am
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Did you happen to notice that the still unnamed bicyclist who shot the two city of Milwaukee police officers was concealing and carrying?

Kind of blows holes in the argument that if you carry a gun you are safer.

Here were not one, but two, well armed and trained gentlemen who have to spend some time in the hospital. If someone gets the drop on you, a gun isn’t going to provide the protection you imagine and most who fancy themselves as the shoot-em up types would have no where the training these two officers have.

Bet you that if we had conceal and carry in Wisconsin, the bicyclist would have gotten a permit, so what we had here was a case of C and C de facto. Sure he did it, but why encourage more people to carry who might go off when confronted by the police, or get into an argument in traffic.

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