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Daniel Acker — Evil

By - Mar 29th, 2009 08:01 am
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I have been meaning to say something about the Daniel Acker case, the 61 year old swimming instructor at the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation Department that may have committed hundreds of sexual assaults against dozens of teen-aged boys since the early 1970’s. Acker would befriend boys and young men at the pool (where he would often shower with the boys), and became sort of a mentor to a lot of the troubled young men.

For several boys, Acker was a confidant, providing a safe haven of sorts when things at home got rough.

“If anybody were to be in trouble or get kicked out – which in the group we’re in is kind of common – he would offer them a place to sleep and food to eat,” Radionov said. “I appreciate the things that he did do for me.”

Upon reflection, Radionov wonders if Acker planned it that way.

“Every single one of us that kicked it over at (Dan’s) ain’t the best,” he said.

Acker also worked in the Milwaukee County Child and Adolescent Treatment Center and the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex and is accused of molesting children from both of those centers…

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