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Voucher schools need a “turnaround team,” too, I guess

By - Mar 27th, 2009 10:29 am
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Cory Liebmann is my hero:

Recently an analysis verified what many well informed people already knew, that Milwaukee voucher schools performed at just about the same level as Milwaukee Public Schools. People like DPI candidate Rose Fernandez and others on the extreme would have us “voucherize” the entire state claiming that these schools are somehow superior to public. This new study provides a much needed dose of reality for anyone that really cares about education in this state. One of the main [tenets] of the Fernandez campaign is to create what she calls a “Turnaround Team” for Milwaukee Public Schools. Since the voucher program is working as good (or as bad) as MPS, why hasn’t Rose Fernandez proposed a “Turnaround Team” for the voucher program? And while I’m asking questions, is she proposing that we spend half as much on MPS or twice as much on the voucher program or both?

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