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Imagine me doing an “I told you so” dance

By - Mar 26th, 2009 12:06 am
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Actually, don’t. It’s probably not attractive, even in your head. But, still, I told you so:

Summarizing a comparison of how matched groups of voucher and MPS students did across two years of tests, the researchers wrote:

“The primary finding in all of these comparisons is that there is no overall statistically significant difference between MPCP (voucher) and MPS student achievement growth in either math or reading one year after they were carefully matched to each other.”

A second study, which looked at broader, but not scientifically matched groups of MPS and voucher students, found that the percentages of fourth-graders in voucher schools who met the state’s definition of proficiency in reading and math were lower than percentages for low-income MPS fourth-graders. For eighth-graders, the proficiency rates were about the same.

Additionally frustrating regarding this study, which was supposed to be the big “accountability” measure in the mess of a compromise bill a few years ago that allowed the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program to expand to its present size, is that there are no school-specific data available. Republicans in the legislature and the voucher proponents pushing for expansion flat-out demanded that school-specific data must not be made available to the public.

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