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Milw. Alderman faces charges of beating daughter with metal hanger

By - Mar 25th, 2009 08:24 pm
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Another chapter in the colorful life of Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Dan Bice reported today that Hamilton’s ex-wife, Connie Caston Hamilton (a.k.a. Isis Muhammad), took their daughter to Aurora Sinai Medical Center. The child spend the weekend with the the alderman, but when she returned home, she had “a cut and linear red marks on her legs and hands.” It is believed that Hamilton hit the girl with a metal hanger. Police were called and Alderman Ashanti Hamilton was ordered to report to the District Attorneys Office to face charges.

Hamilton originally denied that any incident took place and insinuated that his ex-wife was trumping up a charge to use against him, but later he admitted he struck the child, but claims it wasn’t abuse.

Bice has all the details and some of the “highlights” of the alderman’s past.

We are so proud of our elected officials here in Milwaukee.

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