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I’d love to see the simple answer to this simple question

By - Mar 25th, 2009 12:02 am
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Here’s one thing I don’t understand, and haven’t for years now: Why on FSM’s parmesan-covered earth do pro-school-voucher forces get involved in the races for the Milwaukee Board of School Directors? I mean, seriously. The MPS board has about as much control over the voucher program as I do.

And yet for many years, voucher advocates have poured literally tens of millions of dollars into the races, and countless hours of “training” and “consulting.” The Walton family, of Wal*mart fame, for example, used to bankroll many candidates a decade or so ago, and plenty of other out-of-state money flowed into Milwaukee as well. The Wall Street Journal at least once infamously waded into Milwaukee school board politics, going so far as to endorse and solicit money for pro-voucher candidates on its editorial pages.

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