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Milwaukee to Madison Boondoggle

By - Mar 24th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Chris at the Badger Blog Alliance points out some uncomfortable facts about Governor Doyle’s train fetish. 

Diamond Jim is trying to get the Feds and their magic print them as we need them dollars to pick up the whole $519 Million dollar tab for the project. Which would link Milwaukee with Madison with a 110mph rail line. According to the DOT you would be able to get to Madison from Milwaukee 20 whole minutes faster than if you drove. That works out to $25,950,000 for each minute saved. What a bargain!

But it gets better guess where the train will let you off in Madison? Wait for it the Madison Airport which is very close to …… well almost nothing. So after riding the Choo Choo you would have to ride a bus to get to the Capital Square or the UW Campus isn’t that just wonderful. What is it with you Socialists why do you insist on building your stupid mass transit systems so they do not go near places where normal people would actually want to go?

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