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A BadgerBlogger reader expresses his disappointment in Steve Kroft

By - Mar 23rd, 2009 11:16 am
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Brian, a BadgerBlogger reader and occasional commenter, was less than impressed with the softballs interviewer Steve Kroft tossed up to President Obama during his appearance on yesterday’s 60 Minutes. Interspersed with nail-biters like: “How many decisions do you make in a day?” and “What are your mornings like?”, Brian opines that he might have enjoyed something a bit more substantive. Here’s Brian’s list of questions for the President:

“Please cite examples in history where massive government spending has resulted in prosperity.

Please cite examples in history where socialism or quasi-socialism has worked.

Detroit public schools currently has $54 million MISSING, unaccounted for and a history of massive corruption, and you have allocated for the Fed to give Detroit $534 million for their public schools. What makes you confident that Detroit will spend $534 million wisely and free of corruption?

Tim Geithner was head of the NY Fed last year during the initial AIG bailout, and knew and approved of the bonuses. Chris Dodd lobbied intensely for the bonus provision and was the one who wrote the bill. What specific criticisms do you have of Geithner, Dodd and the Democratically controlled congress that were the ones who: Did the initial AIG oversight, wrote the bill with the AIG specifics and approved the bill with the AIG specifics?

If your administration and the government cannot account for $160 million in bonus oversight for one company; why should the American people have any faith that you can provide effective oversight to the entire banking and financial industry?

If you cannot hold one company accountable for bonuses (AIG) why should the American people be confident that you can efficiently run our health care system?

Mr. President, can you cite for me one example of a government run institution or entity that is run more efficiently than one in the private sector?”

Brian, Mr. Obama’s minions scour the blogosphere daily looking for ways to win the hearts and minds of The One’s critics. Perhaps your questions will make their way to his desk.

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