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Madison’s elusive “parka bandit” strikes again

By - Mar 19th, 2009 06:22 am
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A business on Madison’s east side was targeted Tuesday afternoon, in broad daylight, by the man whom police have dubbed the “parka bandit”; a white male, 20-25 years old, 5′5″ to 5′8″, with blond-colored facial hair.

He’s dubbed the “parka bandit” because of the black, knee-length parka which he wears during the robberies. This is the tenth incident in the Madison area involving the parka-wearing suspect since late February.

Last week, Madison Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain told reporters that his department was making the parka’d perp a priority. While not offering specifics, DeSpain told Madison’s Capital Times that the department was “deploying various means to try and catch the crook.”

Police believe the man is a drug addict, and it sounds like they really feel sorry for the fellow:

“Lt. David McGaw said on Tuesday that the robber likely is a drug addict who needs help.

“This kid is just in desperate need of help,” McGaw said, who has been stressing to his officers the necessity of catching him during briefings. “I hate to think of what he’s doing with all this money.”

Police believe the man likely has a drug addiction, due to the high risk of getting hurt or killed during a robbery and his apparent regular need for cash, McGaw said.”

So, if you find yourself in Madison, it’s mid-afternoon, and you see a white man with a slight build wearing a black parka, police would like you to call 911 (where you’ll likely be put on hold, mocked, and possibly disregarded altogether) to give them a friendly “heads up.” You might find yourself pocketing a cool $1,000.00 if your tip leads to an arrest.

Here’s a tip for the “parka bandit”: Don’t target the Java Cat on Monona Drive. Let’s just say it’s a business that has a, ummmm, fairly strong police presence.

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