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Junkie doc, back where he belongs, behind bars

By - Mar 18th, 2009 09:51 am
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Mark Benson, the repeat drunk driving junkie former doctor that destroyed a family last April, killing Jennifer Bukosky, her unborn child, and her 10-year-old daughter Courtney Bella and injuring Bukowski’s son and a family friend. Benson was able to get Judge Mac Davis to lower his bail enough for him to be released a few weeks ago, but has been arrested again for violating the conditions of his bail. It seems that the junkie couldn’t stay away from drugs that he was specifically prohibited from. WTMJ reports, “Some of the items seized during the search warrant were controlled medications.”

This man should never have been released, the last time we was freed by a Waukesha County Judge, he killed three people, at least the results weren’t as tragic this time. Let’s hope that he isn’t given another chance to kill.

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UPDATE: I have received word from a family of Jennifer Bukosky that the reason Benson’s bail was revoked was because he was receiving prescription drugs via mail.

UPDATE: A further update, Benson goes back before Judge Davis at 1:30, let us hope that he does what is right this time. Also, let’s hear three cheers for the police tipster for doing what was right, something some judges seem to have difficulty doing.

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