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OIC’s favorite janitor back in hot water again

By - Mar 16th, 2009 12:10 pm
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Remember “Little Al” Stewart, friend of former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee? The same “Little Al” who was involved in the alleged planning of a “beat down” of a man, aided by McGee, after claiming Stewart’s home had been burglarized? You know, “Little Al,” the one whose company, Ambiance Floor Service was paid $607,228.00 in a three-year period, for “office cleaning,” by Opportunities Industrialization Center of Milwaukee, right before Cordelia Ekwueme and her phantom cell phone shipment to Nigeria brought the entire house of cards crashing to the ground?

Little Al was arrested last Tuesday night by Wisconsin DOJ agents with nearly a pound of cocaine, according to a criminal complaint released yesterday, and published by the Journal/Sentinel. The cocaine had an estimated street value of around $40,000.00, according to the complaint.

According to the J/S, Stewart is being represented by iconic local defense attorney Jeffrey Jensen, who did not return their calls seeking comment. If that’s true, Stewart’s defense will undoubtedly involve planting of evidence by “rogue cops,” and/or possibly just “holding on to the cocaine for someone else,” whose name Stewart will not be able to recall.

Oh, and we can expect an empathetic feature on Stewart from J/S reporter Gina Barton, who will theorize that had OIC simply paid his company more for its services, Mr. Stewart would have had no reason to (allegedly) resort to such behavior.

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