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An Inadequate Investigation?

By - Mar 12th, 2009 05:11 am
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As I was reading this story about the drug-related death of Whitefish Bay teen Madison Kiefer, and calls to police reporting suspected drug activity where she allegedly obtained the drugs that ultimately killed her, I find myself agreeing with John Kishline’s concerns that not enough was done to investigate his many calls reporting suspected drug activity at the residence of Matthew Laughrin. The article states that Whitefish Bay Police Chief Robert Jacobs said “perhaps his officers could have held a meeting with neighbors to gather more information”. Now I realize that suburban Police Departments operate with a limited number of personnel and a limited budget which greatly affects their ability to conduct on-going surveillance, and the article indicates that WFB Police attempted to get help from the D.A.’s Office and a multi-agency drug task force without any apparent success, but it just seems to me that holding meetings “to gather more information” is not an acceptable excuse for inaction.

We have some active and retired law enforcement people who are frequent visitors to Badger Blogger, and I’d be interested in hearing what they have to say about this.

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One thought on “An Inadequate Investigation?”

  1. Wayne A says:

    I know this is old.. But I had a lot of contact wih Matthew prior to …. the death of madison kiefer. If you would like some information feel free to touch base. I am a former shorewood highschool student and know a ton about what the school system tries to sweep under the rug.

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