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Americans for Prosperity — Defending The American Dream Summit

By - Mar 7th, 2009 09:52 am
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I am at the the Defending the American Dream Summit and will be updating this post thought the day. I am here with hundreds of fellow Conservatives. I will be adding commentary and links all day.

The first link I will throw out to you is Fight Back

–Expect some big news from Citizens for Responsible Government over the next few days!

– Bloggers in attendance are Fred Dooley, Steve Eggelston, Brian Frailey, James Wigderson, Josh Schroeder, Chris From Racine and others.

–Some great speeches from Joe the Plumber and Scott Walker! Also, I have read Apostle David King’s work, but he is also giving an inspirational speech.

–Apostle King is awesome!

I will be adding links as time permits.

–I will also have some video and/or audio posted over the next day or so.

–J.B. “Empty Suit” Van Hollen is speaking… Yawn.

–Our friends from the Sam Adams Alliance are here.

–The MacIver Institute for Public Policy made it’s official launch announcement. We will have much more on this as time goes along.

–Rose Fernandez gave a great speech.

–I have been shooting a fair amount of video, that’s why my updates here have been a bit spotty.

Protester Alert! The AFL-CIO has put out an action alert and will be here to protest us at noon!

–James Sensenbrenner and Jim Ott are awesome, Sensenbrenner won the national Defender of the American Dream Award and Ott won the state award.

RECALL DOYLE! Citizens For Responsible Government just announced that they are about to launch a recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle!

–Paul Ryan gave a great speech, he really inspired the room.

Herman Cain is speaking, I have never heard him before, he is really great, check him out!

Stupid people are running this country.
– Hreman Cain

I wish I had the camera running for Cain, this guy rawks!

–Our own Glenn Frankovis is in the house!

–Sheriff David Clarke challenged Governor Doyle to support Concealed Carry, so citizens can protect themselves from the thugs that Doyle is planning to release early from prisons. Huge standing-O.

–Must stop clapping, it hurts my bad paw.

The Founding Fathers did their job, now we have to become the Defending Fathers and do our job!
–Herman Cain

The unions had their big protest, there were about 30 people… FAIL!

–Lunch was okay, then they broke up into smaller breakout sessions. By the time I packed up the Mobile Blogging Unit and ChrisFromRacine got us un-lost and we found the rooms the sessions were being held in, they were all packed, there were far more people here than expected. We both wanted to attend the session held with Herman Cain, Pastor King and Sheriff Clarke, but it looks like everyone else did too, so instead, Chris and I walked over to Starbucks (Thanks Chris!). I also got a copy of Joe the Plumber’s book signed by Joe!

We are now awaiting the late session, it should begin shortly.

–Great news, Fred Dooley has been named the official Blogger for the MacIver Institute.

–Justice Michael Gabelman is amazing, the man has met me twice before today, and he walked up to me and stuck out his hand and called me by name…. I couldn’t remember my phone number when I signed the Doyle Recall petition!

After Action Report: I am home from an awesome event held by Americans For Prosperity! Had a great time with a few hundred like-minded folks and a few very good friends. I took some video, if all goes well, I will start to post some this evening. I have never uploaded video to this machine, but I hope the hardware and software are compatible with the 64bit Vista, if not, I’ll still find a way.

I will close this post, all further commentary by me will be done in the Comments section below.

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