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Jim Doyle to law-abiding handgun purchasers

“Screw you, suckers.”

By - Mar 2nd, 2009 05:54 pm
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Planning to join the throngs of Wisconsinites flocking to gun retailers to partake in your Second Amendment rights? Get ready to coin up.

Gun and ammo purchases have surged in the months following last November’s election, and don’t think that Doyle and other politicians haven’t noticed. While it’s still legal to purchase a handgun in the United States, the master of the smoke-and-mirrors budget is apparently all too willing to capitalize:

Gov. Jim Doyle wants to increase fees for handgun purchase background checks.

Doyle’s executive budget calls for raising the check fee from $8 to $30.

The state Department of Justice asked Doyle to raise the fee from $8 to $13 to reflect the increased costs of performing the checks, but Doyle, a Democrat, went further.

Further? Yeah, I’ll say. $15.00 would have been “further.” $30.00 is exploitation, pure and simple.

Yet one more way that the law-abiding, non-felon, taxpaying citizen will continue to get raped by the system under our new totalitarian rule.

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