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I’m sorry, but… WTF?

By - Mar 1st, 2009 08:26 pm
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I know we occasionally hear about a kid left on a school bus or van for a few hours, sometimes with disastrous results, but how does a little boy get forgotten overnight? This kid was supposed to be staying with a family friend of some sort, along with his two brothers. When the bus dropped them off with this person, they failed to notice that one of the kids didn’t get off the bus… And when the mother called… THE NEXT DAY… They realized that this person couldn’t count to three! The result was, this six-year-old boy spent the night in a freezing van, in temperatures that were in the teens! Thank God this boy was found safe the next day… this could have been a horrific tragedy.

A six-year-old boy was unharmed after spending all night in a day care van parked outdoors after he was forgotten inside the van, Milwaukee police said Sunday.

Lt. Raynard Richards said the boy and two siblings were to be dropped off at their home Friday afternoon. The mother was gone but another person was to pick them up. The person picked up the other two children but the boy was asleep in a back seat of the van and did not get out, Richards said.

The driver of the van parked it at the ABC Day Care Center at 5920 W. Center St. and left without noticing the boy, Richards said. It appears no one noticed the boy was absent until the mother called home Saturday morning and the person who was supposed to be taking care of the boy realized he was missing, Richards said.

There was another child that was forgotten in another van the same day, but the parents were responsible enough to realize their child didn’t come home on time, and he was rescued a short time later.

I drove a school bus for a few years, so I know how kids fall asleep on you, that is why the driver checks the vehicle after every route!

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