State Sen. Lena Taylor
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Workers back Senator Lena Taylor

Taylor was one of 14 Senators to go to Illinois to deny quorum in the vote on Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10, which busted public employee unions.

By - Jul 19th, 2016 11:28 am

MILWAUKEE – Today, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) announced four union endorsements in her reelection campaign for the State Senate. Taylor was one of 14 Senators to go to Illinois to deny quorum in the vote on Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10, which busted public employee unions. She later fought against Walker’s so-called “Right to Work” law, which busted private sector employee unions.

Taylor’s union endorsements include the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Local 215, Iron Workers Local 8, Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers District Council of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council.

“I have always stood in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in labor and I’m so glad they are standing with me in this primary,” said Taylor. “This country and our great state was built on the backs of workers and we must to everything we can to restore democracy in the workplace.”

In addition to opposing Act 10 and “Right to Work,” Taylor also defends the prevailing wage, increasing minimum wage to $15 per hour and increasing tipped worker’s minimum wage to the full state’s minimum wage.

“When Governor Walker turned his back on workers, he turned his back on families and our entire economy,” said Taylor. “When it comes to fighting for workers, this is a family tradition for me.”

Taylor, the daughter of a steelworker, was raised in a union household. Through her 13-year career in the State Legislature, she’s written over 600 bills, 101 of which have become law. With the August 9th primary fast approaching, her opponent hasn’t announced a single union endorsement in this campaign.

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