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Time for Children’s Court Judge to resign

Disturbing video seals the deal on broken juvenile justice system

By - Apr 4th, 2017 12:03 pm

When a juvenile is involved in at least 22 car theft cases, that should get the swift attention of our judges, right?

Or, when a judge watches a video of that same teen cavalierly waving a gun around, that should spark some concern, right?

Not so much in Milwaukee County.

On Friday (March 31) in Children’s Court, prosecutors sought to waive a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy into adult court after prosecutors threw up their hands and stated – rightly – that what had been tried in punishing the teen in juvenile court simply wasn’t working. Records show the boy had been involved in at least one brazen and extremely dangerous car theft (and who knows if there are others?!) and has been in and out of trouble with the law for years, even disappearing a few times from juvenile authorities, only to be tied to (surprise!) additional car theft cases.

And now a video clip has emerged that clearly shows the teen waving around a handgun and flashing gang signs. Please go to the city Facebook page of my colleague, Alderman Bob Donovan (, to view the clip.

Enter Judge Gwendolyn Connolly on Friday, who – after hearing testimony and after watching the same video – denied the adult court waiver request, apparently siding instead with delinquency services and a probation agent. The judge said she saw no “clear and convincing evidence” to send the young actor to adult court.


Judge Connolly is obviously completely out of touch with the victims and our citizenry, and I am asking for her to resign immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Time for Children’s Court Judge to resign”

  1. Rose Scott says:

    Thank you Judge!
    It is time for Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin to realize that the way we handle Youth Justice has to change. Putting them in adult court and sending them to prison is not the answer. The latest research from the Casey Foundation recommends a community based approach to dealing with our youth. We should try it!

  2. Nick DeGenaro says:

    Mark, I live in your district and it’s nice to see that you and Bob Donovan are speaking out against judges like this Gwen Connolly who are putting repeat offenders back out on the streets. Something ABSOLUTELY must be done about the rising crime in Milwaukee, otherwise people are going to start moving out of Milwaukee.

    Please keep holding these individuals in the Milwaukee judicial system who continue to allow these thugs back on the streets accountable for their actions.


    A concerned resident of Milwaukee

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