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Changes to Wisconsin’s Open Records Laws: What Are You Hiding?

“A day later, I remain shocked and disgusted at the open records law changes in the Republican’s 999 grab-bag motion late last night.”

By - Jul 3rd, 2015 01:58 pm

Madison – After another late night of Joint Finance Committee debate, a provision was snuck into the Republican’s 999 grab-bag motion which significantly changes Wisconsin’s open records laws.  A motion to delete the open records items from the 999 was offered by JFC Democrats but was not allowed to come before the committee for a vote.  Representative Hintz (D-Oshkosh) offers the following statement on the changes significantly affecting transparency and accountability in government.

“A day later, I remain shocked and disgusted at the open records law changes in the Republican’s 999 grab-bag motion late last night.  The open records laws in Wisconsin do not belong to partisans, they belongs to the public.  This removes public access, politician’s responsibility to their constituents, the very people they work for.  This has to be the lowest moment in this budget process.

Changing these laws does not benefit the public, this benefits politicians and this is a bad idea that no one wants to own up to.  None of the Republicans, who voted in favor, were willing to take responsibility when directly asked.  With these new changes, the tracks are being covered up and we probably will never know.  This looks defensive and is a selfish, short-sighted decision.”

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