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Campaign Statement on Creation of State Board of Education

"We do not need more bureaucracy or more centralized control," said Amanda Brink.

By - Jan 12th, 2017 03:36 pm

The following statement is from Amanda Brink, campaign manager for State Superintendent Tony Evers‘ re-election campaign.

“As State Superintendent, Tony Evers convenes and participates in dozens of advisory councils across our state. Consisting of over 600 Wisconsinites, they regularly provide new ideas and feedback from local communities and the schools they represent. These councils, combined with Tony’s school visits, help shape the policies implemented at DPI. Ensuring kids are front and center of our public education system is Tony’s priority.

We do not need more bureaucracy or more centralized control. The state legislature passes education laws, while the State Superintendent is directly accountable to the citizens. Our Founders debated this at length when writing our Constitution, and they wisely created an independent State Superintendent for a reason.”

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One thought on “Campaign Statement on Creation of State Board of Education”

  1. myfivecents says:

    That was my exact thought when I read in my local paper that your opponent wants to create a state school board. If he cannot handle the job on his own maybe he should drop out. Doesn’t he know about the advisory councils across the state? He should since he’s running for State Superintendent of Schools. If not, he’s not the right person for the job. Or, he just wants a board of chosen people so they can slant things in one single direction while ignoring the rest of the population. I find it hard to believe that their party wants to shrink government because they are always coming up with ideas to grow government.

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